OTECHOS Services was established in April 2018, and the company is in the energy/industry business.

The core of the business is skilled, committed and knowledgeable people.

The company is located in Tvedestrand but works throughout the country.

OTECHOS Services works with:

·        Bioenergy plants and district heating

o   Turnkey projects

o   Plant operation

o   Service, maintenance and spare parts

o   Research and development

·        Industrial processing facilities

o   Projects

o   Service and maintenance

·        Industrial gas plants

o   Inspection and documentation

o   Projects

o   Service, maintenance and spare parts

·        Private gas installations

o   Inspections, service and maintenance on supply cabinets, fireplaces,

cook tops and other components in propane gas systems

·        General steel production, welding, assembly and installation work.

o   Welders certificated according to NS-EN ISO 9606-1