OTECHOS has as of November 2013 issued a program for the development of a new type compressor for air and gases. The main objectives for this new machine, which is based on several patent pending principles, are:
•    Less energy consumption, up to 15 - 20% reduction compared with conventionally screw- and piston based machines
•    Oil free compression process
•    Vibration free, and low noise operation
•    Simple construction, - involving very few moving parts
•    Low weight and small footprint space
•    Being well suited as a gas/steam expansion machine
CRC takes its main advantages in the compression process by no mechanical touching parts in its process chambers, as well as there are no mechanical valves incorporated. This means that there are no need for lubrication, - and also that water injection during the compressing can be used.
Water injection, cooling simultaneously with compression reduces the energy consumption considerably and also performs a sealing effect between the parts, - forming the chambers for suction and discharge.


CRC was part of the Horizon 2020 program