A gasket is a simple piece of a mechanical seal between two or more mating surfaces, typically between flanges or valves in a piping system, generally preventing leakage.

The Challenge

A gasket is something most of us never know, see or think about, but if this little piece breaks and the fluids or gases inside the pipe escapes, the consequences for the surroundings, the environment and people involved can be significant.


Sealing leakage between flanges is a well-known problem in all industries using pipes, flanges and valves, such as refineries, power plants, heat regeneration systems, ships and other applications. Studies show that sealings between flanges frequently appear to be the weakest part of a piping connection. Leakages may often cause loss of production and productivity, and as a result, significantly higher costs.

The Beginning

Having developed the unique Quickflange-system back in 2003, the inventors saw numerous times that something as simple as a gasket time after time represented the weakest link of a piping system. As a consequence, they invented in 2013 the DeltaV-Seal, today the world’s first DnV GL type approved gasket.

The Technology

DeltaV-Seal from Pipeotech provides a revolutionary, new sealing technology for pipe connections used in a variety of industries worldwide.

Delta V-Seal features:

  • An all metal, one piece gasket. In equal material or a galvanic compatible material to the flange itself. Galvanic corrosion eliminated.
  • One universal gasket, applicable for a full variety of liquids and gases
  • ASME & DIN/EN standards
  • Easy and cost effective storage and logistics
  • Leak proof – metal to metal multiple sealing. One primary, two secondary.
  • Seals damages to the pipe flanges (tested up to 0,3 mm)
  • Solid, metal to metal sealing. Less torque and no retightening of the bolts necessary
  • Fire safe, withstands as much heat as the flange connection itself. Blow out resistant
  • DNV GL type approved (click here to see certificate)
  • Leakage & burst / vibration & pressure tests approved by DNV GL in 2015
  • High mechanical stress and vibration resistant
  • No fragmentation, easy flange face cleaning
  • Long lifetime – low lifecycle cost

Above: Delta V-Seal besides a two year old worn gasket, destroyed by hot steam

The Company

Pipeotech is a subsidiary of Otechos Technology Group, located in Tvedestrand on the south coast of Norway.Pipeotech is dedicated to marketing its unique sealing techology world-wide and is now expanding its operations to USA and UK.

OTECHOS Technology Group is a mechanical technology development company, developing various highly advanced technologies such as a totally new engine, a new compressor technology and a new heat regeneration pump system,  all to be launched in the near future.

OTECHOS is an offspring of the successful entrepreneurs who realized Quickflange, a company established in 2004, who in 2010 won the Norwegian NHO innovation prize for their revolutionary cold weld technology designed for pipe flanges.

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Written by Nils Christian Mathisen, PipeOtech AS