Co-operation with Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Research Council

PIPEOTECH was one of few companies that were selected by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council to be represented with its technology at the Innovation Park at the ONS 2016 exhibition in Stavanger, Norway recently, 29 August – 1 September.


Photo: Kåre Andersen. Picture of PIPEOTECHs stand, front: Erlend Berntsen, sales manager Norway

Impressive interest and opportunities

PIPEOTECH is very pleased with the great response and interest for its environment technology with hundreds of visitors visiting PIPEOTECHs stand every day. The business opportunities that appeared through all the visits were impressing, ranging from the world’s largest oil companies to international government officials.


Picture above: DeltaV-Seal™ from PIPEOTECH – The World’s first type approved gasket, a simple but yet advanced piece of metal that can eliminate leakages to the environment

As PIPEOTECH is a part of OTECHOS Technology Group, several business opportunities appeared for the innovators’ other environment technologies as well. OTECHOS Technology Group is developing the Centric Reciprocating Technology (CR-T) which includes a totally new engine (CR-E), a new compressor (CR-C), a new waste heat regenerator (CR-R) and a new pump technology (CR-P).


Picture above: CEO of OTECHOS Technology Group, Tor Arne Hauge is demonstrating the revolutionary Centric Reciprocating Engine for Innovation Norway’s CEO, Anita Krohn Traaseth.


PIPEOTECH is marketing its unique sealing solutions, designed to eliminate leakages to the environment and to avoid harm for workers in today’s risky working environment. Its sealing solutions can be used within oil and gas, refineries, chemical, marine, nuclear, medical and other sectors.

PIPEOTECH is headquartered in Tvedestrand, Norway and is represented in Norway, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, USA, Russia, Iran and India. PIPEOTECH is a part of OTECHOS Technology Group.